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Determinants of School Perseverance and Educational Success

  • A variety of influences, both positive and negative, affect a young person’s educational pathway. These factors intertwine, can be diverse in nature, and can affect all or a part of a young person’s developmental continuum. There are many determinants of perseverance; however, different researchers with a range of complementary approaches have agreed that the determinants documented in this guide are important targets for actions aimed at reducing dropout rates. The committee of experts has therefore decided to reduce the list of determinants to those that have been thoroughly evaluated and that demonstrate significant and measurable effects on dropout rate or school perseverance.
    Taking Effective Action on the Determinants of School Perseverance and Educational Success – reference document and fact sheets

    School Transition Periods

  • I am preparing for kindergarten!
    Tools developped by the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative (RLPRE)
    Placemat – game
    Leaflet for parents
    Coloring sheet