Our Governing Board

Here are the members of the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative’s (RLPRE) Board of Directors. The board is made up of representatives from various sectors, including education, community, municipal, health and social services, business and employment.

Education sector

  • Representative of the Commission scolaire de Laval : Louise Lortie, Chairperson of the RLPRE
  • Representative of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board : Lynda DaSilveira, assistant director of pedagogical services
  • Representative of Collège Montmorency : Olivier Simard, general director
  • Representative of the Université de Montréal : Martine Lavoie, director of the Laval Campus
  • Representative of the Université du Québec : Geneviève Gagné, director of regional university training
  • Representative of the Institut national de recherche scientifique : Dalida Poirier, director of development and international relations and executive assistant to the general director

Health and social services sector

  • Representative of the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Laval : Anick Deslongchamps, director of the Youth Programme

Social and community sector

Representatives of the Corporation de développement communautaire de Laval

  • Stéphanie Leblanc, director of the Maison des enfants Le Dauphin, 
    Vice-chairperson of the RLPRE
  • France Boisclair, general director of the Association lavalloise des personnes aidantes, Treasurer of the RLPRE
  • Mélissa Giroux, general director of the Maison des jeunes de Ste-Dorothée,  Secretary of the RLPRE

Business sector

  • Representative of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval : Geneviève Dufour, director of communications and marketing, Vice-chairperson of the RLPRE

Employment sector

  • Representative of the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Laval : Christiane Pichette, general director

Municipal sector

  • Representative of the City of Laval : Jocelyne Frédéric Gauthier, municipal councillor of the district of Auteuil

The RLPRE would like to thank its board members for their engagement and contribution!