Our Members and Partners

The following is a list of members of the Table interordres de Laval, which has overseen the foundation of the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative (RLPRÉ) :

  • Louise Lortie, President of the Commission scolaire de Laval
  • Jennifer Maccarone, President of the Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier School Board
  • Hervé Pilon, Director General of Collège Montmorency
  • Dalida Poirier,  Director of Planning, International Affairs and Development at the INRS
  • Yves-Michel Volcy, Director General of the Commission scolaire de Laval
  • France Lamarche, Director of Studies at Collège Montmorency
  • Paul Lamoureux, Director General of the Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier School Board
  • Dominique Lapointe, Director of University Programmes in Laval at the UQÀM
  • Martine Lavoie, Director of the Laval Campus, Université de Montréal
  • Daniel Parent, Director of Emploi-Québec Laval

RLPRÉ’s first Annual General Assembly will take place on November 30th. The purpose of this meeting will be to ratify the structures, governing procedures and policies of the recently founded organization and to elect the members of a new intersectoral Governing Board. The different categories and rights of partner/ member organizations will also be defined.