Graduation Rates

When it comes to graduation rates, the Regroupement lavallois pour la réussite éducative has chosen to focus on the percentage of youth who successfully obtains a diploma or a qualification within the 7 years following the beginning of high school. For instance, the class that began high school in 2008 has a graduation or qualification rate of 74,3%. This percentage includes francophone and anglophone boys and girls residing in Laval and enrolled in the public school system who successfully obtained a diploma from 2013 to 2015. Utilizing the graduation rates calculated 7 years after the beginning of high school allows us to include the youth which have encountered some challenges but whose perseverance paid off in the end.  

Thanks to, a web based statistical tool which gives access to detailed maps and charts, we have access to Laval’s graduation rates based on various territorial divisions, such as electoral districts or BMLs  (bureau municipal lavallois). At present information is available for the 2008-2015 class. Data concerning graduates from the previous years will be available as of next summer. 

Graduation rates have improved considerably in Laval. As the following chart demonstrates, fewer Laval youth are dropping out and they are obtaining diplomas in greater numbers. Maintaining concerted efforts in the region will be crucial in order to sustain this positive trend.