Downloadable activities and tools

Handout sheet for parents  New!

A sheet with HSD tool recommendations and instructions to help parents encourage their kids. Print out and distribute along with tools or send by email. Available in different languages.

Visualize your success 

A vision board can be a powerful motivational tool by helping youth envision their objectives and set their intentions in a creative and artistic way. 

For grades 5 and 6, high school and postsecondary students 

Encouragement letter

Add a personalized message and give the letter to a person whose efforts deserve to be recognized. 

For all 

Printable version (write your msg by hand!)
Interactive version (type your msg on the computer!)

Inspiring quotes

7 inspirational quotes to hang on your walls
Use them to spark discussion about motivation, self-confidence, willpower and other perseverance related themes. 

For all

Certificate of recognition

A certificate you can fill out online and send via email to a person whose efforts and perseverance stand out.

For all 

Perseverance crossword New!

Find lots of perseverance related words! A fun activity to do alone or in groups! 
For primary, secondary and post-secondary schools

Download the crossword
Download the answers

School perseverance sticky notes

Encourage students to express what perseverance means to them on sticky  “post-its” you can display on a mural .

For high school and postsecondary students

Tree of perseverance

An activity that will help students understand that there is no shame in having challenges. We can all learn and grow with the support of our family and friends. 

For grade school and high school students

Draw the equation of your success!

Encourage your students to define the equation of their success with drawings or words. 

For grade school and junior high school students

Heart shaped + card

Encourage your students to use the heart shaped card to say Thank you! to those who make a difference in their educational success.

For daycares, grade school and high school students

Colorful + cards

Blue, yellow and red blank + cards to use in all the ways you can imagine!

For all